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Rethinking your ink?

Most tattoos are not bad at all and can be beautiful works of art- Momma is completely aware of this fact. However, some tattoos are just flat out painful to look at and can cause problems, whether in the workplace, social circles or even amongst family members. Momma isn't here to tell you that your tattoo sucks and you need to remove it. She is here to help you make the best decision for your skin and has the tools to rid you of unwanted ink that may be causing stress in your life. There is no reason to lose sleep over a tattoo you no longer wish to have on your body! Now that Momma is here in Flagstaff, she is ready for your consultation and would love to answer any questions you may have.

Tired of waxing?

We can say a thousand different things about why waxing and shaving stinks but the reality is this: Waxing and shaving just gets old. The same old routine of cycling through razors, applying hot wax and ripping off that strip that feels like it took a part of your skin with it can get tiresome. And we aren't just talking about hairy legs and pits. Waxing an entire back or chest can take forever and is downright painful. With the laser technology at Mommaz, we can help you be hair free with sessions taking as little as just a few minutes! Can you imagine not having to deal with hot wax to achieve silky smooth skin? Momma can. For any questions you have regarding laser removal treatment, don't be shy, call Momma!

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