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Our Lasers

Quanta Pronto:

The Quanta Pronto is the fastest diode hair removal laser on the market. As the only dual wavelength diode laser available, it targets both melanin and vascular supply to the hair follicle for superior results at unmatched speeds.

Hair Removal - Turbo Charged:

  • Up to 12 Hz with large spot size for back treatments in seven minutes.

  • Fastest hair removal on the market.

Pain Free Hair Removal:

  • SmoothPulse mode provides for pain free epilation

  • Safe and effective on all skin types (I-VI).

  • Effective on all hair colors  (even blonde) except white and gray.

  • Integrated skin cooling technology.

Quanta Q-Plus Series:

The Q-Plus Series of tattoo removal devices sets the standard by which all other devices are measured. It is the only device on the market to offer three true laser wavelengths, including the 694 nm Ruby to treat difficult green and blue inks. Exclusive Optibeam technology offers a flat topped, square spot and homogenizing optics to equally distribute energy accross the beam, providing more efficient laser treatment.

Zimmer Cryo 6:

This is our nifty gadget that will help help keep you cool! Unlike other cooling methods such as contact cooling, cryogen spray or ice packs, the Cryo 6 can cool the epidermis before, during and after laser energy has been applied, without interfering with the laser beam. 

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